Where’d Matt Go?

When I started this blog, I intended to alternate between process reflections and technical posts. That fell apart.

The falling was precipitated by a team assignment change. I didn’t change companies— I didn’t have to— but as often happens in a software company I changed technology stacks. I went from a web team on the Microsoft stack to an iOS team writing in Objective-C.

Very few fields exemplify “learn or die” as much as a tech company. I’m always happy to learn a new skill but the time had to come from somewhere. Instead of reflecting I binge-watched Stanford’s iOS lecture series. Instead of pushing the limits of CSS I was spent writing practice iPhone apps. When I just about had a handle on Objective-C, Apple made an unexpected announcement.

It wasn’t until I watched Google I/O that I realized I learned enough to write a demo app. Google announced an innovation that seemed worth porting to iOS: pairing devices using nearly ultrasonic tones.

To prevent what happened last time, I’m calling my shot:

  1. Part 1: Playing a pure tone (sine wave) in iOS
  2. Part 2: Identifying a frequency in iOS using the Accelerate Framework
  3. Part 3: Troubleshooting EXC_BAD_ACCESS and memory leaks in XCode
  4. Part 4: Putting it all together

The writing for computers is done. Writing for people soon to come.

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